I’m blogging less these days in an effort to actually create! While I was taking glass inventory, I realized half of a day can be eaten up by blogging. Blogging is nice for the reader (that is if I am writing well) but not very good for me. I spend too much time blogging or reading blogs. I feel my behind spreading and spreading and spreading! My glass rods stay in rod form because I’m not making anything! I’m blogging! So, I’m taking back my back and stop it from spreading. I’m blogging less.


Like you hadn’t noticed already.

I never promised you pithy insights – that’s someone else’s blog.

I promised to talk about glass and post eye candy. I’m just going to be talking about it a little less and doing it a whole lot more!

Here’s a sweet little bead I made the last week of December. I just love it! I’m going to make some more to take with me to the Urban Glass Bead Expo coming up March 23-25th, 2007.
Hearts on Turquoise Donut


February is the month when the New Year’s resolutions start to lose their steam. Yep, my guerrilla marketing is turning into a chimp – happy go lucky and not quite sure where it’s going to go so in lieu of knowing what it’s doing, let’s eat a banana.

I gotta get my guerrilla back!

We’re supposed to be having a snowstorm here in western New York State but all I see is sunshine! Today, I don’t mind getting something I’m not supposed to be getting (sunshine) but oftentimes, getting something you don’t want is disappointing -especially in glass.

Lauscha’s Carmello and Effetre’s Opalino Carnelian glass rods are a huge disappointment to me. I’d really love to have a yummy butterscotch color – which is what seems to be promised in Lauscha’s Carmello – instead, it is a 1950’s Russell Wright dinnerware salmon color!

Handmade German glass

I’m not a lover of Effetre’s Opalino Carnelian, either for the very same reason. I’d love a nice coppery carnelian color in glass but Effetre must have been teasing when it decided to name this color “carnelian.” It’s a pink!

Either color is lovely – if it’s what you’re expecting. But getting either color reminds me of my father at my wedding reception – Dad thought the cheese quiche was apple pie – he bit into it and yelled to me, “what the hell kind of pie is this?!?” It wasn’t what he was expecting although he admitted once he adjusted his expectations, the quiche was delicious.

Carmello and Carnelian are lovely colors – I just have to adjust my expectations.

Trying out a new blog program that will let me customize a bit more….so I am pasting a post from my other blog Lampwork Diva! just to practice using the new program. Marketing Redux:

So, I’m looking at some vlogs ‘cuz I’m sick and tired of reading about marketing when I come across this – Next Big Thing! Ok, so I gotta admire the guy for taking on the concept of marketing and making it BIG! Makes me think that marketing can be done in a cynical, outlandish way that might be pretty funny. He’s taken the idea of fame and turned it on its head – this guy’s a marketing genius and very insightful at the same time! Bravo!

Ok, I gotta go and make some stuff today! Think marketing, Y’All!